Is It Prohibited By Law To Dumpster Dive In St Louis

roll-off-containers-in-Dumpster diving has been and continues to be a popular activity. Many different types of people are opting to dumpster dive for their own special reasons. For starters, this is actually a great way to load up on boxes without having to spend cash when moving. People can even find usable items in dumpsters for redecorating their abodes. Visit Felix Hawkins for more tips.

“Freegans” are people who consider dumpster diving to be a way of life. These are consumers who have stepped off of the grid by simply using things that they have found in dumpsters. Their actions have shown others that it is actually possible to live an acceptable life by using the things that other people have decided to get rid of.

There can, however, be a number of legal concerns about this practice. People who have been taking their dogs on walks or who were riding along on their bicycles have been told by the police that these everyday activities are subject to restrictions that citizens have to adhere to. Find out what laws exist in your area concerning this common practice so that you do not wind up paying a legal penalty for choosing to redecorate your house with free, unwanted items.

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal In St Louis?

Reno, Nevada had a major issue arise concerning dumpster diving in 2008. It was discovered that lawmakers in this region were preparing to make dumpster diving an illegal activity through certain legislation. It was additionally a goal of city planners to establish a maximum penalty for dumpster diving that was 18 months of time spent in jail.

People who dumpster dive should be mindful of these developments and learn from them. It is essential to know whether any restrictions exist locally.

  • ┬áDumpsters are usually stationed in privately owned areas. Dumpster diving itself may not be illegal, but it will be illegal for you to trespass. Some homeowners can choose to turn a blind eye on dumpster divers and on these occasions, you should be safe. You can consider a dumpster bin as fair game if it is situated on a public sidewalk.
  • Dumpster owners retain ownership of all goods that are stored within these bins. If they say that they want these items back, your are legally obligated to return them.
  • Items should not be allowed to fall out and lie on the ground. This is littering and will likely earn you a citation.
  • Causing trouble in your efforts to access a dumpster can earn you a citation for disorderly conduct as well.

So long as you are not prevented by any local laws, you should be fine when dumpster diving in this region. Bear in mind, however, that it is best to be polite to anyone in the vicinity.